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Stirling Sound, Inc.

Stirling Sound offers both Audio and Video Production and Editing.


Projects are always underway in our Full Production Recording Facility.

From its inception, Stirling Sound, Inc., located in Clearwater, Minnesota, has focused on the symbiotic relationship between the creative and technical aspects of Audio production and recording. From concept through completion, we recognize the need to be a "one-stop" audio sound source, so as to maintain creative and technical continuity for the client's audio recording project. Another foundational principle of Stirling Sound, Inc. is to provide cost-effective service without compromising the integrity of the end Audio Recording product. Our creative and technical team, guided by the diverse experience of Rik Stirling (President), seeks out alternative solutions to nearly every aspect of audio production and design. We see "usual and customary" as a very dangerous place to rest when it comes to the ever changing creative, technical, and fiscal demands of the current marketplace in the audio recording / production industry.

Our Audio production / recording facilities have been designed to offer the most creative and inspiring environment possible.
If you're the type of client that needs to immerse yourself in a recording project, we offer full on-site residence and facilities...All of this within minutes of St. Cloud, MN, and a short drive to the Twin Cities.

Our Audio Recording Studios and control rooms are acoustically sound and ergonomically friendly, and were designed to handle virtually any audio production/recording. We have the technical tools and talent needed for today's demanding Audio Recording Productions.

StirlingSound, Inc.

Clearwater, MN  55320

320-237-8632 Nathan

320-420-9989 Diane

Our Studio Facility is open 7 days a week:


Hours:  vary


Audio:  Contact Nathan at (320) 237-8632 cell, or Diane at (320-420-9989 cell.

Video:   Contact Gary at (320) 240-9574h \ (952) 994-4154 cell

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