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Duplication / Media Conversion

CD Duplication -


Do you have a cassette that wants to become a CD? How about a CD to MP3? For that matter, do you need to convert an ADAT session digitally into a Pro Tools session? Maybe even AIFF/AIFC to .WAV., or CD files to DVD. We can help!

Stirling Sound, Inc. provides media conversion services to make your existing recordings compatible with the newest formats. And once you've converted, you may need copies... a few, or a lot. We can get your media duplicated, and can help coordinate or develop cover art based on your needs.

On-site, we feature a BRAVO XR CD/DVD duplicator and printer to assist you with duplication and screening of your CDs and DVDs. We specialize in shorter run duplication (25-250 units), and can duplicate DVD and CD optical storage in any file format. We can easily coordinate larger duplication runs at competitive prices, as well. Please
contact us (Nathan Stirling) to discuss your specific needs, be them large or small.
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