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Mixing / Mastering

Studio A -
Studio B (old) -
Studio B - (new photos soon)
Studio A

In today's expanding market, the end product needs to be mixed for playback in multiple formats; be it MP3 or 5.1 Dolby or DTS surround. Rik Stirling's mixes are highly transferable, and can be outputted to numerous formats to best meet the needs of an ever-changing media. In addition, Stirling Sound can take mixed material and prepare it for duplication by mastering for 1- off glass masters or MP3 s. It is our belief that mastering is the final polish for a mix, and we provide this service in-house so that the client knows exactly what will be duplicated.To hear examples of our Mixing and Mastering work, visit our Audio Samples page.

Pro Tools Operator - Rik Stirling
Pro Tools Expert - Rik Stirling
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